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 Technologies: Rigging

Rigging Services

PSAV rigging services offers customers a truly complete solution for any event rigging needs. Serving over 1,000 locations across its global footprint, PSAV offers unique services ranging from design and installation of new rigging point systems, to the ongoing facilitation of day-to-day event rigging. Providing customers with access to a robust network of rigging professionals, extensive inventory, and established safety programs are the hallmark of PSAV’s rigging service.

Installation Services

PSAV's rigging installation department installs over 5,000 permanent rigging points each year in partner facilities and offers tailored solutions to match each customer's need. The installation group offers system design consultation, plot creation, structural engineering review, existing rig point remediation, and new rigging point installation. PSAV provides custom fabrication and color-matching of permanently installed hardware to ensure that each system blends perfectly with the facility's need, both functionally and aesthetically.


PSAV's training team is led by Entertainment Technician Certified Program (ETCP) professionals, who are trained at a dedicated rigging training facility. Our ETCP-recognized training manager facilitates basic, intermediate, and advanced training programs for over 300 employees annually, thereby ensuring the consistency and availability of our product to all customers. At the end of all training programs there is hands-on competitive testing to ensure complete understanding of all aspects covered in each training program. This knowledge and expertise is shared in the field everyday with the PSAV on-site teams.


PSAV has an extensive inventory of rigging products and it is critical to ensure that they are properly maintained and serviced in an ongoing manner. With over 5,000 chain hoists globally, PSAV is committed to the inspection and recertification of all lifting equipment and has partnered with manufacturers to attain endorsements as a recognized service provider. With over 30 CM certified technicians on staff, PSAV is committed to upholding the highest standards. Regular rigging point inspections occur within our facilities and, while under exclusive service contract, PSAV seamlessly handles any rigging point maintenance that may be required.


PSAV rigging services is committed to being a seamless part of the venue team and providing a safe, well-equipped solution for any customer rigging needs. As an exclusive partner, PSAV takes on the liability of offering the service and utilizes subject matter experts to proactively sell and operate the service. As with any high-risk service, there are regulatory requirements that must be managed and PSAV is pleased to partner on all aspects and ensure that the facility is in compliance with OHSA/ANSI/ASME or other industry regulations which may apply.


With on-site offices within numerous hotels and conference centers, as well as an extensive presence in major markets through our branch facilities, PSAV is ready to assist you with any needs regarding rigging requirements for different meetings, events, guest experiences or whatever might arise in daily operations. Due to our extensive local resources, we can fulfill the need for hoists, truss, hardware, scissor lifts and technically trained staff with a simple phone call.