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Technologies: Ping

Learn from your Events

As no event is quite like yours, only metrics from your own event can accurately show what is and isn’t working. With PSAV’s Ping attendee tracking technology, event analytics are easier than ever!

Make Check-in a Breeze

■ Check attendees in faster with a smartphone or tablet or use touchless Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) Beacon technology so attendees can check in simply by walking near a portal.

■ Reduce or eliminate check-in personnel with self check-in for attendees.

■ Ping attendee tracking is effortless for attendees — no downloading and no technology required. They simply wear a badge or swipe an NFC card.

■ With the swipe of an NFC card on our tablet readers, attendees can receive a personalized welcome message, as well as verification or denial of access to a session.

Monitor Attendee Access
■ Easily authenticate who has access to which rooms and sessions.
■ Conveniently monitor attendee movement and other key metrics from the online dashboard.

Attendance and Learning Credits
■ View and record attendance in real time from any web-enabled device and monitor room capacity.
■ Record check-in and check-out times to award continuing education credits to qualifying attendees.

Tailor Your Content
■ See which topics are most popular and offer more sessions related to your attendees’ interests at your next event.
■ Determine if sessions are too long if attendees are leaving early.