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 Technologies: Digital Services

PSAV’s Digital Services are the perfect way to take a regular meeting to high-tech and to shoot attendee excitement off the charts.

Mobile Solutions

Engage your attendees. Promote your speakers. Empower your exhibitors. Support your sponsors.
PSAV is dedicated to building event apps that create the best mobile experience for event organizers and attendees. It's never been easier to use mobile apps to enhance the meeting experience before, during and even after your event. Harness the power of common smartphone and tablet devices that your attendees already have, or get the software AND the hardware from us.

Digital Display

As with any meeting, message is key. Create a lasting impression by enhancing the delivery of your message with our Interactive Video Wall or 3-D wall. With 32 available touch points, PSAV’s Interactive Video Wall or Table allows your guests to interactively engage with your content through touch-screen capabilities. Or present your content with thrilling 3-D technology, displayed in LCD clarity.


PSAV offers three levels of digital signs, which allow anyone to quickly deploy great looking signage. The look and feel of the sign is achieved through a collaborative effort with the client:

Standard Digital Sign
— We offer digital signs to display your schedule of events, announcements, featured keynote speakers, sponsor logos and videos, news, weather, social media live feeds and much more.

Interactive Digital Sign — For those that demand the best, we offer an interactive digital sign using a multi-touch monitor.The interactive sign can include: schedule of events, sponsor logos, videos, news, weather, sports, restaurants, attractions exhibit floor maps and way-finding.

Social Media Digital Sign — Special events should be shared and celebrated. PSAV digital signage service offers event social media live feeds to engage events attendees. Our SocialWall will allow the compilation and display of social content in real time during any event. Key features include:

  • Pulls in posts and photos from Twitter, Instagram and Flickr
  • Choose from seven full-screen display animations
  • Customize your display color, theme, and background
  • Apply filters to moderate content or select each post with the Curated Gallery
  • Use our widget to embed SocialWall on your website
  • Display on any existing event screens or add new dedicated SocialWall displays
  • Build pre-event buzz
  • Inspire on-site event engagement
  • Extend post-event excitement

Please click here to download our SocialWall overview brochure.

Virtual Meetings

Extend the reach of your meeting through real-time HD streaming and Webarchiving. Together these technologies allow you to broadcast your message to attendees anywhere in the world and at any time. Through our customizable online platform, you can even generate extra revenue by offering your event content for a price.

Event Intelligence

More than ever, event professionals and stakeholders are requiring proof of ROI for every event dollar spent. Data is everywhere today. The trick isn’t getting access to the data, it’s getting access to the right data. Let PSAV’s Event Intelligence platform provide you with the relevant metrics and analytics you need to analyze, justify and improve future events.
Ping is PSAV’s attendee tracking and management system that makes it easy to measure, control and report attendance at meetings and events. Choose from either “Tap-n-Go” NFC technology or touchless BLE Beacon scanning, both of which require little-to-no extra effort from your guests. The data is available in real-time pre-configured graphs or can be easily downloaded into Excel, so you can manage and analyze your data directly, showing which sessions were most popular and what attendees want to see more of next time.


No matter your need, we have a solution.

Poll your attendees with our audience response system (ARS). This is a service that provides a system of wireless keypads that are held by audience members of a meeting with which they can provide real-time feedback to opinion polling questions, training questions, evaluations and even interactive audience games.

Pulse offers Live Polling, Social Q&A, Event/Session Survey's, and Word Cloud all in one product that works on any mobile device. Attendees can participate both on-site and remotely (while watching a webcast for example), from their own mobile devices or Laptop/PC's; no proprietary ARS keypads required.

Easily gather hundreds of presentations through our Content1TM presentation management system. Presenters have the ability to load their presentations, including videos or other attachments, either beforehand or during the event. User access rights, program supervision and the distribution of data to the computers in the various meeting rooms takes place automatically, optimized for timing and network conditions.

Power Stations are mobile device charging stations.Our flagship offering, the PSAV PowerStation, at six feet tall, offers six lockable cabinets, a programmable digital display, and branding capabilities with acrylic stickers.Our other two options are the PowerStation Mini’s, one lockable and one with open bays.