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 Technologies: Audio

Need every valuable word from your event captured with crystal-clear quality? Let PSAV's professional technicians deliver clarity and excitement to every attendee whether they are in the first row, the balcony or watching the digital recording.

Your event will be a "sound success" when you add our high-definition sound systems to your next event. Whether it's our wired or wireless microphones, ultra-compact speakers, full-concert systems or a simple patch to the house sound, PSAV will ensure that every word, intonation or musical note is delivered with purity and dynamic range.


Engage your audience with the throwable microphone.

Catchbox is the world’s first soft wireless microphone that you can throw into an audience to kick-start a discussion. Catchbox improves lectures, conferences, and group work by encouraging audiences to share ideas and discuss challenges. This product features:

■ Customization — with your logo, company color or design of your choosing
■ Lightweight design — to be easily tossed from one person to the next
■ Affordability — more cost effective than multiple microphones
■ Ease-of-use — no more having runners speeding around the room to pass a microphone
■ Fun — standing in line behind a microphone is a thing of the past