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No one can attest to PSAV’s legendary service better than our customers. The following are a few comments from our hotel partners and clients. We hope to add you to our resume of raving fans!  

FLawless EXecution® — Guest Letter

"PSAV’s tagline is “Flawless performance. Dramatic results.” That was executed perfectly by your Phoenix Office led by Steve Laine and directed by Dustin LeGros.

The headaches, pitfalls, and hurdles that typically could happen with audio visual needs were eliminated by the two individuals mentioned and the team that they led. Another member of the PSAV staff that was integral in this success is Brian Sturtevant. Mr. Sturtevant’s involvement came early on. AOCA is managed by Association Central Inc., an association management company, as well as, meeting planning by Well Assembled Meetings. We handle numerous clients that require simple to complex audio visual needs. Collectively we spend easily six figures in AV contracts. Both of us are looking at finding a “preferred provider/vendor” for AV. The AOCA Annual Convention was the first opportunity for PSAV Central. We had to be sold. After all, PSAV is not the in-house provider. Both Julie Vissers at Well Assembled Meetings and me were skeptical, especially since this would be a third party vendor for the Westin. If nothing else we would be doing our due diligence to get competitive bids for our client.

Mr.Laine was next entering the discussion. From the initial bid process to receiving the final bill, every aspect of Mr. Laine’s communication was first class. He was willing to work with us. He provided details and insight and even recommendations that helped us. He informed us when their might be some additional charges and explained why. All his efforts were appreciated and made it easier to part with our money. That’s right we were happy to pay your bill. The reason why is because Mr. Laine’s flawless performance, led to dramatic results.

While Mr. Laine led the way, the plan was executed by Dustin LeGros and his team. He is outstanding. His team is outstanding. Both attendees to Board Members/Officers commented on the quality of production. All in all there were no headaches or pitfalls. There will always be unforeseen hurdles but it only took a moment to “jump over” them. I must single out Mr. LeGros further because like Mr. Laine, he was a consummate professional. His presence was calming and reassuring, so much so, that our Annual Meeting Planning Committee wants Mr. LeGros to be our AV Manager at all future Annual Conventions. We know PSAV has a national presence, so now it is just determining if such a request is allowed and its feasibility.

In closing, Mr. Sturtevant, Mr. Laine, and Mr. LeGros are great assets to your company. They gave us flawless performance and dramatic results. Sincerely, Aaron McEvoy, Executive Director — AOCA and Julie Vissers, President – Well Assembled Meetings"

FLawless EXecution® — Guest Comment Cards

"I was absolutely blown away by working with PSAV. I have worked with many AV companies, and I have never had such a good experience. Our executives are pretty picky about AV, and one said (and I quote), 'Production was flawless.' I have been anxiously awaiting this survey because I wanted to brag about how wonderful PSAV was! Mark Maclean went above and beyond before, during, and after the event to make sure everything ran smoothly. He was responsive, helpful, knowledgeable, and incredibly easy to work with. Joe Martorelli and John were amazing to work with during our event. They ran through everything with us beforehand to make sure it was what we wanted, and they were flexible and exceptional when things came up on the fly." — Rachel Sprung

"Your staff and technical staff are to be commended for a fantastic job. When running a conference it is a great comfort to know that you can leave the room to focus on sudden problems and everything with a.v. will be fine. Alejandro intuitively knew where problems may occur and rectified them quite easily. He had a great personality and was always willing to help out to make the event as much a success as possible. Please recognize: Martyn Curley and Alejandro Rivas." — BC College of Family Physicians 

"Thank you so much for all of your hard work and helping me to make my event such a great success. I was so pleased with how the evening went and have had loads of positive feedback. I thought the set looked great, a marked improvement on last year and the the partners loved the three screens, as did I. Thank you for being so proactive, not requiring much attention or direction, which freed me up to look after my sponsors, guests and host." — Incisive Media 

"I use my PSAV experience with the Westin as the shining example of how I want to work with any other vendor or A/V company. I was blown away by the professionalism and incredible service. Ryan Lewis went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure my event and the other events I was using PSAV for in other cities was a success. I have never been more impressed working with any A/V company or vendor than I was with Ryan Lewis. We were doing this event in three other cities, and he made sure that not only were we prepared for San Francisco, but we were prepared in the other cities for a smooth transition. He went above and beyond to understand exactly what our needs were and what it would take to make the event a success. His professionalism and expertise were amazing and unlike anything I have ever seen before." — Hubspot

“Michael Hibbert exhibited solid and consistent leadership. He was a master at working with our nonprofit budget — not easy to do. THANKS! …Leadership begins at the top, and Michael Hibbert set the quality bar high. The on-site AV team did not disappoint; they were knowledgeable, creative and delivered a high-level customer service experience consistently throughout our program. AV can make or break a program, and this professional PSAV team helped make our program a success. A big thank you to David Herring, Scott Tipton and Charles Hickson. PSAV is lucky to have each of you, and collectively you make a great team!” — Alliance for Children and Families

"Please recognize Chip!! He was easy to work with, very responsive to my questions, and really did an AMAZING job with the lighting. It was so much better than I expected and I wish I could give him a big hug for all the effort he put into my wedding and for the actual work he did. I would DEFINITELY recommend PSAV and would 100% use these services again. Too bad I am only getting married once. ;)" — Berry Wedding