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Global Learning

A Professional Development Network

Regardless of how advanced or cutting-edge our technology is, PSAV knows that our performance is only as effective as the technicians operating it. Therefore, we have developed the finest training program in the industry to invest in our strongest competitive differentiator: our dedicated and knowledgeable team members.

Proper team-member training allows PSAV to achieve excellence in revenue growth and customer service, as well as satisfying group guests’ needs, while enhancing your property’s value as a meeting destination.

Through its Global Learning team, PSAV offers a number of proprietary training programs to ensure continuing education as a guide through upwardly mobile career paths.

Four delivery methods for our team members' development include:
• On-Site Instructor — typical classroom learning nationally and regionally
• On-Line Instructor — live virtual classroom training
• On-Demand — self-paced, technology-driven learning
• Blended Learning — programs combining the three methods above

All PSAV team members gain access to a cutting-edge learning management system that encompasses over 8,000 learning assets. In the LMS, team members can register for ILT training, launch on-demand and video’s, participate in “Live Learning Events” and much more. Several role-based learning plans are available as well. For example, our “Tech 180” is geared toward a technicians first six months and includes 70+ hours of learning via different delivery modalities.

Orientation & Specialty Development Programs

Partner Orientation
PSAV believes that all team members need to understand the culture of the properties we have established a preferred relationship with. We ask for the opportunity to have our employees experience the same on-boarding in terms of culture and customer expectations that you provide for your own team.

PSAV Activate Program — New Team Member Orientation
The goal of this program is to give PSAV team members a cultural perspective of our company, as well as a technical perspective, which includes basic technology skills from a standards and service standpoint. It is intended to help supplement on-the-job training, increase engagement and decrease turnover. Most importantly, new team members will understand that service, both external and internal, is our focus.

Sales Training Camp Development Program
PSAV believes in constantly providing its sales force with the most advanced training available. Our Sales Training Camp is an industry-leading program that recruits new talent to join PSAV (three-month process) and then be placed at a training location (for eight weeks) where participants learn all aspects of service, hospitality, event technology and sales. During this instructional period, participants spend two weeks at our corporate headquarters and six weeks in the field completing on-the-job training, mentoring and on-demand exercises. Upon successfully graduating, participants are placed at locations across the US and Canada.

Accelerated Management Development Program
Designed for existing PSAV team members, this highly competitive program is for high-performing team members that want to move into an operational leadership role. Potential participants must first apply to be accepted into the program and if accepted, participate in an intense eight-week program. Two weeks of the program are spent at our corporate headquarters and six weeks doing a variety of hands-on activities and exercises — all while still focusing on his/her day job. Successful team members are typically promoted to new operations positions within 60-days of completing the program.

In addition to the Orientation & Specialty programs, there are four core disciplines — Technical, Sales, Leadership/Service and Operations:

All PSAV team members are expected to be fluent in technical support. Global Learning has a combination of core technical training and equipment-specific certifications that help us achieve this goal. Below is a sample of the courses we offer:

Principles of Audio 
High-Speed Internet & Networking 
Principles of Lighting
Principles of Video
Power Distribution
Principles of Projection
Jands Vista Lighting Console — Certification
A-Way Pulse 300 — Certification
Arkaos Video Mapping — Certification

PSAV believes in constantly providing its sales force with the most progressive training available. Examples include:

Principles of Consultative Sales
Advanced Consultative Sales
Building Sales Confidence — Lighting
Building Sales Confidence — Audio
Building Sales Confidence — Video/Projection

Leadership & Customer Service
Being a servant leader and integrating into our partner’s hospitality and service standards is a continued focus for PSAV. Examples include:

Essentials of Service Excellence
Leadership Essentials
Preparing for Management
Essentials of Conflict Management
Managing for Continuous Improvement

Our PSAV operations leadership training focuses on the tactical side of the business to effectively operate a successful location for our partners. Examples include:

Principles of Location Management
Performance Management
Interviewing & Hiring
Respectful Workplace