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About PSAV®

PSAV is the leading provider of audiovisual and event technology support to hotels, associations, producers and meeting planners worldwide. With on-site offices at more than 1,300 locations worldwide and branch offices in most major meeting cities, PSAV is committed to making every live event an unforgettable experience. PSAV mixes bright ideas with smart technology so the messages organizers want conveyed make the greatest possible impact. PSAV's professionals understand the importance of a successful meeting, and know how minding their work can affect the minds of meeting participants.

A Market Leader

PSAV’s roots go back to early 1937 in providing audiovisual (AV) leadership in the meetings industry. In the last decade, PSAV expanded and consolidated regional AV companies to meet growing customer demand for a national source of consistent, high-quality audiovisual support. Today, PSAV has strengthened its business beyond traditional audiovisual services through innovative technology that enhances live events.


With its onsite office, PSAV is proud to serve as the exclusive in-house rigging contractor for the facility’s meeting and event rooms, and ready to handle all of your rigging requirements. Allow us to assist you with our CAD and rigging expertise. Our experienced production riggers use PSAV on-site inventory of hoists, truss, hardware and scissor lifts to manage your event – from initial design to load out – saving you time and money.

The facility is equipped with a permanent rigging system. As part of a comprehensive overhead safety and risk management program, the system is periodically load tested and inspected. PSAV is required to approve all rigging designs and provide the rigging labor necessary to load in and load out any equipment attached to the facility’s rigging system. 

Begin the planning process early

Contact us soon to start the rigging-planning process and we'll discuss:

  • Permits
  • Ballroom Rigging Standards
  • Rigging Equipment Guidelines
  • Best practices

Here’s how to plan with PSAV for your rigging needs:

  • A Schedule Rigging Services form must be submitted with a scaled rigging plot 20 days prior to load in (31 days prior to load in to avoid penalty rates). If the form is received less than 20 days prior to load in, double time rates will be charged. See "To Order Service:" at the bottom of this page to learn more.
  • Rigging plots must contain all flown equipment in addition to a reflective ceiling plan with hang-points. Please use our CAD file (available for download below) as your design template.
  • If a rigging plot is received by our offices which does not respect the hotels rigging regulations, the client has the option to either redesign their event or have our offices redesign the event at a cost of $75 per hour.
  • All drawings must be received electronically. Hard copies will be accepted in a scale of no smaller than 1/8"-1’.

Exhibit Hall / Ballroom Standards

  • The Ballrooms are equipped with permanent rigging points rated for 1000 lbs. Please refer to the CAD files for exact locations of the rigging points. There is NO RIGGING OTHER THAN THE PERMANENT RIGGING POINTS INSTALLED.
  • No rigging is allowed from the air-wall tracks.
  • PSAV must make all connections to the ceiling or supporting structure of the hotel.
  • Only a PSAV rigger may move flown equipment.
  • Additional weight cannot be applied to flown equipment after PSAV riggers leave the room.
  • Under no circumstances may a person be suspended, walk or climb upon any point or supporting structure attached to the ceiling.
  • PSAV will exclusively operate the Counterweight (fly-rail) system.

PSAV On-site Practices

  • PSAV will decide the number of riggers required for your event.
  • PSAV will make all connections to the ceiling and assist your staff in attaching those connections to your truss and equipment. Please contact our offices for clarification of what services and equipment we offer to assist you in a safe and cost effective event.
  • PSAV will not "dead hang" items over 100lbs or 10' in length with a scissors lift. Chain hoists or crank towers must be used.

Rigging Equipment Guidelines

  • A scissors lift is required for all rigging calls at the hotel. PSAV has lifts on site and available for rental. All lifts used in this facility must have white, non-marking tires and be in good repair. Construction or outdoor lifts will not be allowed in.
  • All equipment and materials flown must pass ANSI guidelines and be approved.
  • Any dynamic (moving) element requires an arrester device.
  • A steel "safety" is required on each individual item suspended with a nylon sling.
  • All nuts and bolts used overhead must be rated and all wire rope clips and overhead hardware (eyebolts etc.) must be forged, unless approved by PSAV.

To Order Service:

Follow this link to complete an online order for rigging services


“Fred was Mr. Johnny-on-the-Spot to help with all last-minute needs.Great help!” — Rich M., American Concrete Pressure Pipe Association, June 2014

"With weather and timing changes happening, I called many times for updates to our AV.Each and every time my request was handled quickly (once before I could even get to the room), pleasantly, and professional.I could not have asked for anything better.All who worked with us from start to finish!!!I’m sorry I do not remember all of the names who assisted, so please extend my thank you to the whole team for their exceptional service on our Board Meeting.Thank you." —  Lisa J., SNHU, Feb. 2014

"Eric at the Boston Marriott Copley Place was exceptionally helpful." — Stephanie D., Population Association, April 2014 

“Theresa Dupont was extremely helpful she took the time to speak with me on the phone regarding questions I had with my guest speaker and technology he needed for his presentation. She followed up with an email. Her staff was courteous and helpful the day of the meeting” — L.Cubberley Newell Co.  Nov 2015

“The entire team was amazing! I am certain I am forgetting names, but Danielle Buxton, Zander Stearns, Keeler Lapham, and David Souza were wonderful, flexible, accommodating, and knowledgeable. Thank you!” — L. Shields, JDRF  Feb 2016

“The staff have always been helpful and friendly/easy-going they will do whatever is requested to make the event run smoothly.” — A. Welch, Action for Boston Community Development Feb 2016

”Their customer service and flexibility. From planning to execution, there were multiple change requests which they made without hesitation.” — A. Hernandez,  Ahold USA Feb 2016

Attention to detail & friendly personality of staff.” — J. Tumbarello VF Corporation Nov 2015

“Theresa Dupont was so helpful and accommodating! She was quick with getting a quote over to me which was absolutely reasonable and she was able to work with me on the internet charges. At most hotels, every change or minor adjustment means additional charges but Theresa collaborated with our group and we found the best solution possible. I was pleasantly surprised by the level of customer service she was able to provide us!We contracted with an outside company who always produces our symposia so PSAV provided support items for them. I heard nothing but great things about how PSAV collaborated with our AV team on getting the rigging completed and a few other items as well!”  
— P. Lochner, Quintessence Publishing Co.

Event Technology

If AV were all you had to worry about, any supplier would do. From PSAV, you get much more, including a full gamut of event technology services, used in specific design to make your event unforgettable.

Resources and Services

Whether you need audiovisual, creative, digital, exhibitor, staging, network, projection, rigging, mobile app, or visual services, PSAV will help you create memorable experiences, helping your attendees share ideas that inspire change.

Unforgettable events happen when strategically placed soundscapes and captivating, illuminated sets are carefully planned and implemented. Our experts have studied the research and truly understand why the right AV has a great impact on message retention and know how to apply innovative event technologies for maximum attendee engagement.


We can make sure your audience sees your video, multi-media or slide material at its best and on multiple screens. Whether HD projection, monitors, signage, gobos, image magnification or other display techniques, we'll ensure every attendees sees your messages with utmost clarity from anywhere they gather. 


Well-lighted presenters carry a more impressive presence on stage. Theater-style lighting adds remarkable color and drama to your whole presentation and can transform gala events into something truly remarkable. Ask us about Decor Lighting, Intelligent Lighting, Set Lighting, Presenter Lighting and more.


From small audio systems for intimate meetings to multiple arrays that deliver concert-quality sound, we setup microphone, speaker, amplifier and mixer systems to suit the room and audience. Familiar with every corner of the venue and meeting rooms, we can easily calculate just what the best audio is for your event.


Capturing your speakers, their presentations, and all of your event's important moments for later playback is a powerful, even revenue-generating tool that can remind attendees of meeting content and let those who missed the event in on the action. Use our digital recording services to market your event to future audiences, enhance distance learning or continuing education credits or simply create a meeting archive.